Jakara Guru Maharaj Bibi Satya Devi Ji Da - Bhol Shachai Darbar Ki Jai

Guru Di Pyari Sat Sangat On March 4th, 2015 marks Guru Bibi Satya Devi�s one year Varsi In Banga, India and Toronto, Canada Bhawan�s Special tributes will be held to honour our great Guru.

Guru Maharaj not only guided and showed us the way to Baba Ji but gave us all a purpose in life. They taught us do good and respect all. We live through their teachings and pray that Baba Ji and Durga Rani Give their soul santi, peace, and light. They were not just a Guru, a Teacher, a Leader, they were our mother and father who loved and nurtured her children with unconditional love that only those who received it can truly understand.

There is a huge void in all our hearts that could never be filled, a void that�s searching for that love we got from our Guru.

Tusi Taan Ho Guru Maharaj, Taan Tere Shakti, Taan Tere Naam

Sidh Shakti Baba Ji's Challa in Banga, India 2013/2014