Gufa Mahant Rajinder Giri's visit to Sidh Shakti Bhawan:
On June 14, 2009, Baba Balak Nath Ji Gufa wali Giddi, Mahant Rajinder Giri visited Sidh Shakti Bibi Satya Devi Satsang Bhawan Toronto, Canada. 

20th Challa in Toronto Canada:
In 2008, Guru Maharaj Ji celebrated the 20th challa held in Toronto, Canada. 
50th Challa:
In 2008, Guru Maharaj Jitook great honour in leading the 50th challa in India.  To commemorate this milestone, Guru Maharaj donated clothing, money and endless amounts of lungar to everyone along their yatra.
Murti Sthapna in Banga:
Having layed the foundation for the grand mandir, Guru Maharaj went to Jaipur, custom made and brought back murtis of Baba Balak Nath Ji & Durga Mata Rani to Banga Punjab were Bibi Ji conducted a parkarma and murti sthapna.
India Mandir:
Having established places to worship Baba Ji throughout India and Canada, Guru Maharaj decided the time had come to expand the existing mandir to accommodate the growing sangat.   The first stone laid in the foundation of the expansion occurred in 199?.  Given the size and complexity, this is an ongoing project.
Gufa Sarhan:
One of Guru Maharaj's first and largest endeavors, at its time, was planning and building a sarhan near the Gufa. Guru Maharaj realized the need for a free, yet adequate resting space for their sangat and any devotee who is attending a pilgrimage to Baba Balak Nath Jis Gufa. Therefore, they built a four story sarhan (building) capable of easily accommodating many devotees. The sarhan is equipped with running water, electricity, wash/bathrooms and sleeping area.
Murti Sthapna Sidh Shakti Toronto:  
Having fully renovated and prepared the bhawan, Guru Maharaj purchased custom made murtis of Baba Ji and Mata Rani’s that were brought from Jaipur to Toronto and held a murti sthapna to commemorate the auspicious event.  
Sidh Shakti Toronto:
Although holding chownki for many years, the collective voice of the sangat urged Guru Maharaj to purchase a larger facility in the GTA to accommodate the growing sangat and their needs.  This included a larger parking area, multiple washrooms and a substantively larger lungar hall and kitchen.